1985-07-06 Master's Day Darshan

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Master's Day Darshan, July 6, 1985, Fourth Annual World Celebration, Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, U.S.A.

This celebration is listed as event Fourth Annual World Celebration ~ 02. See also Osho Timeline 1985.

Sw Deva Abhinandan
Sw Prartho Subhan
The artists, collectively
Sw Anugama: keyboards
Sw Prem Bhavito: violin
Sw Prem Git: bass
Sw Govinddas: guitar, sitar, mandolin
Sw Chaitanya Hari
Lalit: bass
Ma Prem Maniko: singer
Sw Anand Nivedano: drums, percussion
Sw Rupesh: congas, tablas
Sw Samir (buddhafield garage): guitar, singer
Sw Shabdanur : trumpet
Shiven: percussion
Ma Anand Suresha: singer
Toby: flute
Sw Anand Veeren : electric guitar
Sw Veetdharm : keyboard
Sw Vinit (Garimo/Arup´s boy friend): guitar
(Nivedano: I've forgot the keyboard player's name, and the other Russian swami who played guitar. And someone that Sheela sent to harass the band, I also forgot that one's name.) <<-- under question to Bhavito.

Tracks - full length

01 Announcement 0:16
02 Your Blessings Endlessly Shower 7:09
03 Every Time I Look At You 6:30
04 We Love You Right From the Heart 5:41
05 Everyone Alive Can Share Your Blessings 4:54
06 Gachchhamis 1 1:25
07 Gachchhamis 2 1:29
08 You Are Love, the Center of Every Storm 8:22
09 From the Fire of Stars 6:24
10 Your Love 6:04
11 Drink from Life 4:40



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