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28 musicians from 11 countries

The Tape MC version has, as it were, two titles:

  • the outside of the cover has In Wonder and shows the song-titles;
  • the inside of the cover has The Narrow Road To The Deep North and has the instrumental music.

The CD version has a selection of songs and instrumental music.

The titles of the instrumental music are either from a CD jacket, or inferred from the haikus of the Tape MC cover.

Sw Prabhu Miten
Ma Prem Lino
Sw Deva Abhinandan (UK): vocals
Adarsha (UK): guitar
Azima (Chile): tampura
Deva Darshi (Australia): didgerido
Sw Devakant (USA): bamboo flute, silver flute
Sw Homen (Germany): bongos, congas
Sw Prem Joshua (Germany): bamboo flute
Sw Kamal (Germany): keyboards, piano, bass guitar
Sw Khoji (Switzerland): silver flute
Kalanda (USA): drums
Maneesh (India): tablas, marimbas
Manjugi (Canada): harmonica
Sw Prabhu Miten (UK): vocals, guitar
Mitto (Switzerland): fretless bass
Nadama (USA): keyboards, piano
Navyo (UK): keyboords, guitar, vocals
Ma Anand Neera (UK): vocals
Premartha (Germany): keyboards
Prasado (USA): vocals
Rishi (Denmark): drum programmes
Sw Anand Rupesh (Mexico): congas, tablas
Satyam (UK): vocals
Sw Siddhamo (Germany): keyboards
Sw Sangit Sirus (Persia): Oud
Ma Shivam Suvarna (UK): vocals
Swagato (Germany): silver flute, soprano sax
Tilo (Germany): shakuhachi flute
Vasant (Switzerland): vocals
All instrumental pieces were recorded live in Gautama the Buddha Auditorium
Engineers: Jalal, Amano
Studio recordings were engineered and mixed by Miten and Navyo
44:58 (Tape Side A)
43:16 (Tape Side B)
53:57 (CD)
Tape side A : In Wonder
01 Never Born Never Died 3:28
02 E Na Mu Laya 4:53
03 White Clouds 3:32
04 In the Light 7:49
05 Crazy for You 5:45
06 Heart Like the Sun 4:38
07 Oh! Your Love 4:12
08 Watching Your Vision 4:10
09 In Wonder 6:31

Tape side B : The Narrow Road To The Deep North
01 The Empty Heart 3:11
02 River 4:24
03 Entering the Mystery 3:13
04 Meera's Dance 4:28
05 Immobile Haze, Moon Spring Sleep 3:53
06 If You Don't Fight With Life 5:36
07 Moonlit Plum Tree 2:51
08 The Narrow Road to the Deep North 5:26
09 Wild Birds 3:27
10 Cloud Over Lotus 6:47

01 The Empty Heart 3:15
02 Never Born Never Died 3:32
03 In Wonder 6:06
04 Moonlit Plum Tree 2:51
05 Meera's Dance 4:28
06 Entering the Mystery 3:15
07 If You Don't Fight With Life 5:36
08 The Narrow Road to the Deep North 5:28
09 Wild Birds 3:19
10 Cloud Over Lotus 6:46
11 In the Light 4:46
12 Heart Like the Sun 4:35


1992 Tape MC

Label (Distributor) :
OMA Catalog No : side A = TV00,098 & side B = TV00,292
Format : Audio Tape MC
Artwork :

1992 CD

Label: Toa Music, Germany
Design by Anand Zeno
Front Cover Photo by Puneet Bharti
Paintings by Deva Padma
Format: Audio CD

2001 CD

Label (Distributor) : New Earth Records
Format : Audio CD

2006 CD

OMA099A.jpg OMA099B.jpg
Label (Distributor) : New Earth Records
OMA Catalog No : TV00,099
Format : Audio CD
Artwork :

Year? CD

In Wonder-OWF.jpg
Format : Audio CD
Label (Distributor) : Osho World Foundation