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A correspondent has shared his research into Osho's Manuscripts. Some of Osho's early writings have turned out to be fact-based accounts of his travels, speeches, and the events of the time. The research is organized into four batches, corresponding to the particular groups of manuscripts where info was found. All info presented is annotated, ie which sheet of the manuscripts it derives from is clearly indicated, so one can also study them for oneself. In some cases, Osho's notes contain the full text of early unpublished discourses, though not in this batch, which has some text but nothing like complete.

This batch, the third in the series, derives from a data-rich group of pages at Manuscripts ~ Reports, "Reports of Nation-Wide Programmes of Acharya Shri".

Other batches in this series are: (1) Manuscripts ~ Messages Timeline Extraction and (2) Manuscripts ~ Programmes Timeline Extraction.

And related to these manuscripts is a collection of five Notebooks written by Osho's cousin and secretary in Jabalpur, Arvind Kumar Jain. These contain more notes on Osho's activities in parts of the 60s. Our correspondent has dug into these as well, and a similar Notebooks Timeline Extraction has been created from these endeavours.

One wondering that has been growing regarding these data-source manuscripts in general and which comes to a head with this batch in particular, is, "Is Osho really the author of these Reports, Programmes, etc?" Surely he would not refer to himself in the third person? Etc.

In fact, the first four lines of the first sheet in the batch declare, translated roughly:

News Department
Activation of the Wheel of Dharma
Countrywide Program of Acharyashri
Compilation: Jatubhai Mehta **

But does it matter for our purposes here? Perhaps this Jatubhai-ji did gather the information and Osho copied it here. Perhaps Jatubhai gathered it and wrote it. Or perhaps Osho did it all in Jatubhai's name. Osho is said to have attributed his writings to others many times, and in fact continued that "tradition" in his discourses by making up questions, attributing them to his sannyasins and then "answering" them. In the end, the information in the manuscripts is as reliable as anything else we're going to get about that era that hasn't otherwise been authenticated. And like other sources, it is fallible.

These manuscripts do not include the year, so we will need to compare with existing Timelines to see how they fit. Our correspondent has done some of this himself too. And we note that a rough time frame has already been created at the top of Manuscripts ~ Reports, bracketing each subgroup of sheets (there are five, from A to E), thusly:

A: 7 - 22 Apr 1968
B: 5 May - 29 Jul 1968 (it should be 1967)
C: 2 Aug - 20 Sep 1968 (it should be 2 Aug - 5 Oct 1967)
D: 11 Nov 1968 - 18 Jan 1969 (it should be 1966 - 1967)
E: 4 Feb - 2 Apr 1969 (it should be 1967)

Chronological order of sections is: D-E-B-C-A. See the Notes section below each group of sheets for details.

A Sheets (A-2 to A-4)

Dates Event Description and Notes Wiki Notes, Comments
7-10 Apr Sheets A-1 - A-2 -- evenings, Bombay, Lectures at Cross Maidan. Message: Love life and live it to its totality or total depths because in temple called life, God resides.
and mornings, C J Hall - Q & A Message: Religion is only one and it is your real nature but we have caught hold of the finger pointing to the moon instead of looking at the Moon.
11 Apr am Poona, Hindvijay Theatre Lecture on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti
11 Apr pm Sheet A-3 -- Poona, Addressed large public meeting. Message: Ask seed of drop of water about secret of religion.
14 Apr pm Jabalpur Lecture at meeting of Sindhi Society
17 Apr pm Sheet A-4 -- Jabalpur Lecture at Opening ceremony of Art exhibition. Message: One has to search, live and know religion and not try to search for it in religious literature.
22 Apr Delhi, addressed the Servants of the People Society in Lala Lajpat Rai Bhavan.

A Sheets Timeline Analysis

The original 1968 guess for the year of these events seems right in that the first dates in Bombay fit the 1968 Timeline exceedingly well regarding time and venues and even the theme resonates with the title of the book resulting from those dates, Jeevan Ras Ganga (जीवन रस गंगा). One tiny sticking point concerning the venues is resolved in Jeevan Ras Ganga's talk page, the apparent gap between "Kawasji Jahangir Hall" and "CJ Hall".

A more serious objection might be the events in Poona the next day, on the 11th. There is already another event on that day in Poona, but three in one day plus overnight travel is not prohibitive, so best to leave it all, given the great fit with Jeevan Ras Ganga. The other events neither align nor conflict with previously known events, so they can be new information.

B Sheets (B-1 to B-13V)

The B group of sheets, next, also begins with four lines characterizing the collection. They are exactly the same as those introducing the A sheets, aside from a typo in the A-sheets intro. **

In the B group, there are discourse snippets throughout, interspersed with facts about events. There are also a relatively high number of "Verso" or reverse sides of sheets with some writing on them but no facts. Some make short, cryptic references to WW1 but most of those with clear messages are just fragments of discourses.

Dates Event Description and Notes Wiki Notes, Comments
5 - 8 May Sheet B-1 -- Indore, daily addressed a large public gathering in the courtyard of Rajwada See below re "Rajwada".
7 May pm Evening, Addressed members of Lions Club Indore.
8 May am Sheet B-2R -- Indore, addressed a huge public gathering at Geetagyan Mandir. Message: Faith has killed religion
13-15 May Satsang in Damoh, ~60km NE of Jabalpur May be some uncertainty deriving from "Jatu Bhai" re precise dates, see below.
14 May pm Sheet B-3R -- Damoh Rotary Club, theme: Who am I?
15 May am a Jain temple in Damoh
20-23 May Bombay, large satsangs held in Cross Maidan 4 talks taken in these dates (of 1967) called "Swatantrata Ki Aur" in a list of Hindi series of talks, provided by Anuragi
30 May Sheet B-4R -- Jabalpur, seminar organized by Jeevan Jagriti Kendra
2-3 Jun Matunga, Bombay, a large satsang
5-7 Jun Sheet B-5R -- Udaipur, Meditation camp ( Apane Mahi tatol – discourse as per timeline)
13-14 Jun (Chandrapur/Chanda) marriage of Daughter of Rekhchand ji Parakh and Sau Madan Kunwar Parakh – Susheela’s Marriage. Year is 1967 as far as my research is pointing to
14 Jun am Sheet B-6R -- seminar in Chanda
15 Jun pm seminar in Gondia, NE Maharashtra
25 Jun Sheet B-7R -- symposium in Jabalpur at Jeevan Jagriti Kendra
28-30 Jun Surat (Timeline of Agyat ki or – Q&A matches with dates of this program at Doc_X_(source_document))
28 Jun pm Sheet B-8R -- Theosophical Soc, Surat Date here given as 22 Jun in the transcription of the manuscript. See below for why this has been changed.
29 Jun pm Lions Club, Surat, a talk on policy and religion See below for a small translation.
30 Jun pm Sheet B-9R -- Rotary Club, Surat
1 Jul om SNDT Womens College, Matunga, Bombay, talk on becoming ourselves, not emulating. These talks also mentioned by Gyan Bhed, though with the last at a wrong location, see below.
10-12 Jul Sheet B-10R -- Satsang in Nandurbar MH, "I want to make you more and more dissatisfied, because whosoever is satisfied with vanity and wealth, his life becomes useless."
11 Jul om addressed students of Nandurbar College, re leaving behind the superstitions of mental slavery.
12 Jul pm Sheet B-11 -- addressed a large public gathering in Jalgaon MH
13 Jul am Teachers Training College in Jalgaon
13 Jul om Sheet B-12 -- Amalner MH, Amalner College
13 Jul pm Amalner, a large public gathering
28 Jul Sheet B-13R -- Seminar given at Jeevan Jagriti Kendra in Jabalpur
              Sheet B-13V -- The material inscribed here is unusual. It says only "Order -- 1 Shiksha Aur Dharm, 2 Vichar Vichar Bindu, 3 Phool Aur Phool Aur Phool, 4 Gyan Ganga". These appear to be references to titles: the first three are manuscript titles (links below) and the 4th heretofore unknown but credible as a missing title.

Extended notes - B Sheets

Re "Rajwada": sheet B1 has it as राजबाडे, which transliterates to Rajbade, with "Rajwada" the rendering of our correspondent. This rendering is likely correct, as Rajwada is an iconic palace in Indore.

Re Damoh, there may be more than three events here, as many as five, since 14th and 15th specific venue-events may be in addition to the satsang each day referred to by "13-15". Only three events have been entered in the Timeline.

About the date Jun 22 getting changed to 28, there are two things: The sheets appear to follow fairly faithfully in chronological order, and the 22nd would be out of order. Also in the text for the Surat event in general just before this entry, the writer declares that Jun 28-30 is Acharyashri's first visit to Surat.

Second thing is the manuscript itself. The actual writing of the 2 and 8, using Devanagari numerals, should resemble "२८". In the event, the second digit has had an apparent stroke added to it at the top to make it look more like a small misshapen २, hence it has been transcribed as a 2. But an 8 seems far more likely.

Translating here a snippet of the talk to the Lions Club in Surat, a nice example of infusing his "political" and social themes with the revolution of the heart. Small liberties have been taken with the translation, to make G**gle more idiomatic:

Religion [can become] a policy, but policy [cannot become] religion, because religion is a radical change in the person's heart, and when the consciousness changes then the behavior changes. But the opposite is not true. [...] Where there is suppression, the mind is unhealthy. I am not in favor of suppression because the whole of man's insomnia and morbidity are the fruits of it. I want to change the mind completely. This change comes from knowing self-awareness, which comes from inspection of the processes of the mind. Look at it. Understand it and that understanding becomes a transformation. This knowing is a revolution, and that revolution is a religion in itself.

Thus were the good burghers of Surat electrified.

B Sheets Timeline Analysis

On the Manuscripts ~ Reports page, the B Sheets are assigned the year 1968, by what process we are not told, but this may have been fairly arbitrary. Our correspondent prefers 1967 as the year for this group, and that seems much more likely, when the whole group is compared with the existing Timelines. It has almost no conflicts with the 1967 Timeline -- those will be looked at below -- and four major agreements, along with confirming several events that had previously been outliers. This is all fairly compelling.

The four agreements start with the very first sheet, B-1, and its first series of events 5-8 May in Indore. That the Timeline has only 6-8 May in Indore is not a negative but a big Yes, in that it adds a new date. The second agreement is found in Sheet B-5R, 5-7 Jun in Udaipur. Again, there is not total agreement, this time the manuscript omits the opening night of a camp, which often happens.

The third agreement is 12-13 Jun in Chandrapur. The fourth is 28-30 Jun in Surat. Agreements like these do not just "happen" by chance. Even one chance agreement would be highly unlikely, four are out of the question.

Still, the conflicts must be considered ... There are potentially two. The Timeline has an event on 7 May in Bombay which conflicts with the series in Indore. But it turns out that this Bombay event has a few problems -- see Talk:Amrit Dwar (अमृत द्वार) for details -- with only one source proposing it while several sources have other ideas.

It solved: AD talk had incorrect year (it belongs to 1968).

The other conflict is on Jul 13, where the Timeline has Osho at a Teachers Training College in Ajol, while these sheets have this event, ie at a teachers college on the 13th, in Jalgaon. Noting the resemblance of these names, Ajol and Jalgaon, it is easy to imagine a mistake arising. In fact, Ajol is a small village with a near-zero possibility of hosting any kind of college except perhaps an agricultural one, while Jalgaon is fairly sizable. And it fits with the rest of the schedule, where Ajol doesn't.

Most of the events preceding the teachers college on the 13th have the added benefit of confirming events that had been entered in the Timeline but were unsupported. And one of these events was even in Jalgaon, so the case for 1967 in general, and these events around Jalgaon and nearby Amalner, looks very good.

C Sheets (C-1 to C-17)

The C group of sheets also begins with four lines characterizing the collection. They are exactly the same as those introducing the B sheets. In this group, there are discourse snippets throughout, interspersed with facts about events.

Dates Event Description and Notes Wiki Notes, Comments
2-5 Aug Sheet C-1 -- Satsang in Gyan Mandir, Gwalior
2 Aug om greeted at train station in Gwalior
2 Aug pm beginning of 3 day Satsang at Gyan Mandir, Lashkar, a part of Gwalior
3-4 Aug Madhav Ashram in Lashkar, Gwalior, first meeting was in morning
4 Aug om Sheet C-2 -- Women's College, Morar, a part of Gwalior
5 Aug am Seminar in Savitri Sadan, Lashkar, Gwalior
5 Aug Sheet C-3 -- Q&A session with Jain Mitra Mandal (Jain Friends Board), at Patni's house in Gwalior
11 Aug Jabalpur, artists' seminar, theme = Artists closer to God than many so-called religious people
12-15 Aug Sheet C-4 -- Satsang in Ghatkopar, a neighbourhood of Bombay Timeline shows seven events in Ghatkopar for these days in 1967, see below.
14 Aug om Women's College in Ghatkopar
19-22 Aug Sheet C-5 -- Gadarwara, addressed students from his old school
22 Aug pm Seminar at Jeevan Jagriti Center, Gadarwara, talk plus Q&A
26 Aug pm Sheet C-6 -- Address and Q&A at Jeevan Jagriti Kendra, Jabalpur
27 Aug pm Seminar for artists at Kala Niketan, Jabalpur, incl Q&A
3-4 Sep am Sheet C-7 -- Speaking to students in Poona
3 Sep pm Speaking to students in Poona
5-7 Sep Sheet C-8 -- Satsang in Ahmedabad, lecture series on the occasion of Paryushan apparently a daily event separate from the afternoon talks below
5 Sep om talk with high school students in Ahmedabad
6 Sep om Sheet C-9 -- Lecture to women at Sanskarteerth school of Ajol Ajol is about one and half hour drive from Ahmedabad and falls in Mehsana District;
Ma Anand Madhu was the principal & trustee of the school
7 Sep om addressed college students of Ahmedabad in a public meeting also attended by many non-students
8 Sep am Sheet C-10 -- addressed a large group at Birla Kreeda Kendra in Chowpatty, Bombay, with many standing outside, still on occasion of Paryushan
8 Sep om addressed students of Bombay University at University Club
11 Sep pm Sheet C-11 -- addressed students of Science college at Ashok Hostel, Jabalpur University
12 Sep pm addressed a large group at Mahaveer Library in Jabalpur, with many standing outside listening
13 Sep pm Sheet C-12 -- addressed an overflow crowd at Dashlakshan Vyayamshala, a gym in Jabalpur, with people standing outside in the rain
14 Sep pm discourse with students and teachers at Medical College in Jabalpur
17 Sep am Sheet C-13 -- first sermon in Balasinor (GJ) see below re "Balasinor" and "Nadiad"
17 Sep om second sermon in Balasinor
18 Sep am addressed students in Balasinor in an open courtyard
18 Sep om Sheet C-14 -- addressed teachers of the colleges of Nadiad (GJ)
18 Sep pm public meeting in Nadiad Town Hall
19 Sep am Sheet C-15 -- addressed a large group in Nadiad Women's College
19 Sep om another large group of students from all the colleges of Nadiad
19 Sep pm Sheet C-16 -- talk at the Kapadvanj (GJ) Lions Club
20 Sep am addressed students of Kapadvanj College
20 Sep pm addressed a large group at Kapadvanj Town Hall text overflows into C-17 but no new events there.
4-5 Oct Sheet No. 9R --satsang in Dhulia MH
4 Oct am Dhulia Public Lecture at Dhulia Government College for teachers and students, total three lectures delivered at Dhulia in 2 days as per press note on 9R.

Extended notes - C Sheets

"Balasinor" was actually transcribed repeatedly as बालासितोर in Devanagari, which transliterates as Balasitor, but G**gle Maps cannot find this place. G**gle Translate suggests Balasore, a town in coastal Odisha (OD), formerly known as Orissa. This was at first attractive, as it would be (possibly) Osho's first known visit to India's East coast, but it ran into a wall with the event in "Nadiad" coming perhaps as little as four hours later on Sep 18. That town, with its "colleges" (plural, sic) was not to be found in Odisha or anywhere close, but in Gujarat. There are little villages named Nadia-this or Nadia-that in Odisha but none big enough for even one college, never mind plural.

A closer look at the manuscript reveals wiggle room enough to accept that Balasinor, in Gujarat about an hour's drive from Nadiad, was what was intended, with the नो being written in a way that would be easy to mistake for a तो. So that's what it shall be. To go with Balasore would require positing a mistake in Nadiad in addition to a weirder mistake in "Balasitor".

C Sheets Timeline Analysis

This group of sheets has two major agreements with the existing 1967 Timeline, no conflicts, and supports another previously unsupported series of events in Gwalior in early Aug, similar to support found in the B Sheets Timeline Analysis for previously unsupported events then.

The two major agreements are the 12-15 Aug satsang in Ghatkopar and the two events in Bombay on Sep 8, complete with venues. This is all strongly suggestive of 1967 as this group's year and most of the rest of the entries are new, adding a lot to the Timeline. Once again the speculation at Manuscripts ~ Reports of 1968 seems off the mark.

And we can learn from the four days in Ghatkopar (12-15 Aug) that this kind of only vaguely defined date range factoid has a lot of potential. The most we might assume for that range would be four events, plus the additionally specified Women's College event on 14 Aug, but as Talk:Jeevan Darshan (जीवन दर्शन) shows, there are seven events in that time, including the Women's College talk.

D Sheets (D-1 to D-8)

As before, the D group of sheets also begins with the same few lines characterizing the collection, except that here the "compiler's" name is omitted. Also as before, there are discourse snippets throughout, interspersed with facts about events. This group includes a few two-sided sheets, indicated by "R" and "V" for recto and verso.

Dates Event Description and Notes Wiki Notes, Comments
11 Nov pm Sheet D-1 -- Huge gathering in Jabalpur, thousands assembled at LordGanj Jain temple, with hundreds standing on the road outside the temple
20-22 Nov Camp given in Malad, a district of Bombay, on the three topics of "avichaar, vichaar and nirvichaar" most likely confused with camp in 1967 on those dates. And 22-24 Nov was women's camp in Bombay. This error can be explained if this Reports manuscript was made much later after events. See also below re these topics and implications for dates
4 Dec pm Sheet D-2R -- Chief Guest in the (District level) annual convention of the Lions Club in Poona see below for more
5 Dec pm addressed students and youth in Poona
4 Dec pm Sheet D-2V -- Chief Guest of the Lions Club in Poona see below for more
6-8 Dec Sheet D-3 -- satsang in Ahmednagar College (MH), three talks on the search for truth (Satya Ki Khoj)
8 Dec am a talk given to members of Ahmednagar Jain Temple
17 Dec am Sheet D-4R -- addressed a large public gathering in Chhindwara (MP)
17 Dec om a seminar with Q&A in Chhindwara, theme: the art of doubt.
18 Dec addressed a gathering of hundreds of eunuchs [sic, G**gle Translate] in Chaurai, a small town 30 km east of Chhindwara, theme: religions have killed religion see below
19 Dec Sheet D-5 -- addressed an All-Religions Conference on the occasion of Sant Taaran Taran's birthday celebrations in Jabalpur see below
21 Dec a talk with students at Mandla College
26-28 Dec Chikaldara (MP) meditation camp nothing more said about these events
29 Dec Sheet D-6 -- addressed large gathering at Paratwada (Elichpur) (MP). Message: Sow seeds of virtue, be it small but one day they will flower whole garden of humanity. Sheets D-6 to D-8 were not
transcribed, info directly from manuscripts.
See below re Elichpur
and the titles suggested in the Jan 16-17 entry.
1 Jan a seminar of World Friendship Association in Jabalpur
3-6 Jan Jalna, Message only, Press note missing. (Jalna is likely the decent-sized city in central MH.)
16-17 Jan Sheet D-7 -- Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, lecture on "Vigyan aur Dharm" in first lecture and "Jeevan-Satya Ki Khoj" in [2nd] lecture on 17th January.
16 Jan am Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, lecture on mental freedom. Message: Ultimate freedom of conscience/Chitt is required to qualify for finding God/Self/Soul.
17 Jan am Ahmedabad, addressed youngsters at Sagar Pragati Mandal.
18 Jan Sheet D-8 -- Bombay, Matunga, addressed a large gathering of people at Matunga; Message: Life is destroyed due to two extremes "Raag" affection and "Viraag" hatred etc, but what is required is "Veetraag" understanding. Jagdish gave this date and place for Agyat Ki Or, but it is unclear what talk is, see Talk:Agyat Ki Or (अज्ञात की ओर).

Extended notes - D Sheets

About the camp in Malad, our correspondent adds, "Three lectures on Aachar (Action), Vichaar(Thought) and Nirvichaar(Thoughtlessness) in this camp, 3 Q and A may be total 6 while in Timeline there are 7 lectures of CHIT CHAKMAK LAGE NAHIN - year 67". While "aachar" is not quite right, he is onto something with Chit Chakmak, making a good case for the dates here pointing to 1967, though it conflicts with the wiki's first estimate of 1968 for the D group. This case will be elaborated on at Chit Chakmak's Talk page.

FWIW, our humble translation of the nominal themes: Thoughtlessness, the kind based on unconsciousness, recklessness; Thought, and; Thoughtlessness, the kind based on no-mind, or in-the-moment awareness, beyond thought and thoughtlessness. More at Chit Chakmak.

About Dec 4, there are two entries in the manuscript sheets, 2R and 2V. 2V, the second one, is much more compact. Our correspondent suggests that the second is a press release version, and adds, "This date and year can be confirmed from Lions Clubs International, Mumbai HQ and they have records of all District level conventions and their Chief Guest or Guest Lecture with Photo. All such conventions of Lions Clubs are two days programs held on Saturday and Sunday only. In year 1967 it is Sunday on 4th December. Guest lecture is last event of such programs on Sunday".

G**gle Translate has also used the term "Chief Guest" (with caps) but the actual Hindi word written in Sheet 2R is अतिथियों, a plural form, suggesting Osho is only one of the Major Guests. Sheet 2V cuts through this unclarity by using the singular, which seems to justify our correspondent's usage. Overall in this segment, he speaks with authority, affecting to know whereof he speaks, but when we look at a 1967 calendar for the only thing we can easily verify, we find the 4th is a Monday, so who knows? Maybe the date should be the 3rd. ¿Or the year 1966?

A comparison of Sheets 2R and 2V turns up an amusing detail: 2V, the compact one, presents one of Osho's familiar tropes, that in x thousand years there have been y thousand wars; here it is straightforwardly 15000 wars in 5000 years. In Sheet 2R, the 15000 has been crossed out and replaced by 1460486. Osho is of course not averse to exaggerating, but such a precise and rococo number is not his style, so we have to wonder. Or not.

About Chaurai and "hundreds of eunuchs", Chaudai is what was transcribed, but this looks to be in error. Who knows where G**gle Translate got "hundreds of eunuchs". Possibly there was a transcription error involved there too but GT is capable of monumental silliness all on its own.

About the all-religions conference on Dec 19, this was the date in Sheet D-5, but in Sheet D-4V it is clearly, even in the manuscript, the 17th. There however, the whole paragraph is lightly crossed out, a cancelled writing. Since it is out of order and in conflict with Sheet D-4R, D-5's 19th is taken as correct. These conferences were regular events for Osho, see also Talk:Taaran-Vani (तारण-वाणी).

About Elichpur (Paratwada) in Sheet D-6, this appears to be a correct transcription/transliteration -- according to yr editor's limited Hindi handwriting reading skills -- but G**gle Maps cannot find this thing. For Elichpur MP, they suggest Achalpur, which is close to Paratwada and looks as good as anything.

"Titles suggested in the Jan 16-17 entry" refers to "Vigyan aur Dharm" in the first lecture and "Jeevan-Satya Ki Khoj" in the second. It is tempting to think of them as book titles but that may not work here. "Vigyan aur Dharm" is not known up to now as a book title. It may refer here to a manuscript title, which apparently became a chapter of Shiksha Mein Kranti (शिक्षा में क्रांति), though with altered title, "Dharm Aur Vigyan". As such, if authenticated, this may help fill one of Shiksha's Time and Place gaps.

Jeevan Satya Ki Khoj (जीवन सत्य की खोज) IS a small book but none of its chapters is likely to correspond to this talk, see its talk page for details. Perhaps it is a chapter of something else.

D Sheets Timeline Analysis

All the other groups of sheets, A, B, C and E, appear to have fairly easy, straightforward answers to the question, "What year is this?" (if any one year). For the D group, it is not so easy. Most entries have neither agreements nor conflicts with Timeline entries in any year <1969. The problem is exacerbated by the flowing of the D group from one year into another (Nov-->Dec-->Jan) but this is not a higher-order problem, just more details to check.

What makes it a higher-order problem is its agreements with different years. The three agreements we have found are with the Nov 20-22 camp in Malad, Bombay, the Dec 4 Lions Club speech in Poona and the Dec 26-28 camp in Chikaldara, corresponding to Timeline entries in 1967, 1966 and 1966 respectively.

Many theories are possible which might explain these correspondences; for now, the question can be left open. One semi-agreement that should be mentioned for the sake of completeness: from sheet D-7 we have events in Ahmedabad on Jan 16 and 17. 1966 in the Timeline has one in Ahmedabad on the 17th, 1967 has the 15th and 17th there, but with a conflict for the 18th between this doc's Matunga and the Timeline's Amravati. No conflicts or agreements in 1968 or 1969 are found for these Ahmedabad events.

D sheets belongs to 1966-1967, dates from Timeline which fit well with sheets dates: 23 Nov Bombay, 4 Dec Poona, 25-28 Dec Chikhaldara, 15-17 Jan Ahmedabad.

E Sheets (E-1 to E-9)

As with the D group, the E sheets have the same few lines characterizing the collection, omitting the "compiler's" name. There are discourse snippets throughout, interspersed with facts about events. And there are a few two-sided sheets, indicated by "R" and "V" for recto and verso.

Dates Event Description and Notes Wiki Notes, Comments
4-6 Feb Sheet E-1 -- satsang in Shrirampur. Message: freedom is a prerequisite on the path of truth
7 Feb am Sheet E-2R -- discourse in Baramati (MH, ~80 km SE of Pune)
7 Feb om Sheet E-3 -- address at Baramati Science College ... where "afternoon" is explicitly stated.
8 Feb om Sheet E-4R -- discourse at Jabalpur Agricultural University no details given
21 Feb pm addressed a large public gathering in Mandla (MP, ~80 km SE of Jabalpur, upstream on Narmada)
3 Mar am Sheet E-5R -- addressed learned persons of Anand. Message “Truth is experience and cannot be found by words alone. Mere knowledge is hurdle on the way to find truth. "am" not in manuscript, presumed from next entry.
See below re "learned".
3 Mar om addressed students of Sardar Vallabhbhai University in Anand
4-6 Mar Sheet E-6R -- huge satsang in Ahmedabad, message = one has to be free from all religious bondages to find the true religion.
12 Mar Sheet E-6V -- addressed World Friendship Forum in Jabalpur: "God has died. And now, find the God who does not die". see below
20-23 Mar Sheet E-7R -- satsang with thousands in Bombay, theme as above in Jabalpur
29 Mar love day in Sindhi Society Jabalpur
1-3 Apr Sheet E-7V -- press conference at first day and satsangs in Hyderabad at Sadhanashram
2 Apr am Sheet E-8R -- discourse in Secunderabad
9 Apr seminar in Katni (MP, ~80 km NE of Jabalpur)
9 Apr pm Sheet E-8V -- large public meeting in Katni, God is not in the temples but in our emptiness
14-16 Apr meditation camp in Shardagram, Junagadh (Mangrol, coastal GJ) with 250 of his people see below re Shardagram
22-24 Apr satsang in Poona, three talks given to hundreds of people
28 Apr Sheet E-9 -- concluding speech for education week in Naveen Vidya Bhavan, Jabalpur. see below re date
29 Apr Seminar at Jeevan Jagriti Kendra, Jabalpur see below re date

Extended notes - E Sheets

About "learned" (adj) in the Mar 3 entry, the Hindi word used was "prabuddh", which does translate to "learned", among other possibilities, such as "enlightened" and "illuminated". What the intention of the writer was we cannot know, but since the crowds Osho is speaking to are not enlightened, our correspondent's usage may be best.

Re the Mar 12 event in Jabalpur, the few words referencing the event were not crossed out, and in fact even had a red tick mark beside them, but the remaining words (transcribed) were lightly crossed out. Most of the page has a bleed-through from the Recto side, so it is good that not much is written there.

About Shardagram, the manuscript gives it as Shardagram, Junagadh. This is not an error so much as imprecision: Shardagram can only be found in Mangrol, which is about 40 km from Junagadh the town but it is within Junagadh the administrative district. The other possible issue with Shardagram is that there are two of them in Mangrol (and nowhere else). One is a high school, one a college. This will have to remain a mystery for future historians, if it matters.

About the dates (28 and 29 Apr) for the last two events, they have been mis-transcribed as both 22 Apr. Conflict with dates in Poona makes a compelling case.

E Sheets Timeline Analysis

There are a number of very specific agreements between this group of sheets and the 1967 Timeline, and no conflicts. The agreements:

1. The single event at Sardar Vallabhbhai University in Anand on Mar 3.
2. 4-6 Mar in Ahmedabad.
3. The Mar 20-23 satsang in Bombay coincides well, in time, place and theme with the talks for Kya Ishwar Mar Gaya Hai? (क्या ईश्वर मर गया है?).
4. Hyderabad talks on 1-3 Apr (includes Secunderabad). The Timeline has additional entries in Hyderabad on Mar 31 and Apr 4, but this does not detract from the agreement. There are other venues besides Sadhanashram, but this is not a problem. The Secunderabad event is not mentioned in the Timeline but will not be added for now, see discussion re that.
5. 14-16 Apr in Shardagram. As often happens, the Report manuscript omits the opening night on the 13th.

This superb collection of agreements leaves no doubt about 1967 for its year.