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This page only shows the largest Sannyas websites that act as entry points into the maze of Sannyas online. This is not a place for your personal self-promotional site, musings and meanderings. Those sites can be linked from your personal wiki pages. See here how you can arrange that.

Sites listed on this page can be of several types but all will have a central raison d'être of information about Osho and his people. All may have an angle, and all the angles can be celebrated as contributing to the diversity of Osho's sangha and legacy. Most of the big sites in the first group are collective enterprises, the few exceptions being important and unique contributions to the ocean of Osho/sannyas info.

Suggestions are welcome! Please list them on the discussion page.

General Sites

(The sites in this group focus on different aspects of Osho/sannyas but all are worth a special mention ...)
The website of Osho International Foundation and the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune.
It has all of Osho's digital audios and books for sale, though often in an edited form.
Osho World
Osho World hosts all of Osho's discourses for free, a Hindi magazine and much much more. Maintained by the Rajyoga Meditation Centre, in New Delhi‎.
See Osho World Foundation for more info.
Osho News
A website with all news Osho, including his vision in the present world, memories of sannyasins, and tons more ...
Osho News is maintained by a large team of editors and contributors around the world, headed by Ma Yoga Punya.
See Osho News for more info.
This very site you are looking at now! is a 68,000+ page Wiki with verified and exhaustive information about Osho's day-to-day discourses, books, all the music that was made around him, a worldwide sannyasin directory and much much more (incl 40,000+ documents, photos & audio files).
Maintained by a team of editors and contributors from around the world.
Osho Source Book
An extensive bio-bibliography created by library science professor Sw Anand Neeten, on Osho's work from the early days to 1990, focusing on his books.
For an overview see Osho Source Book.
Search Osho's words
Ways and means to search all of Osho's books
Sannyas Names
Filling an enormous gap in the literature on sannyas names, this project of Samudroprem has over 300 pages (pdf) of names, their meaning, origin and more. No Freds or Marys though. As of Jan 2023, a slightly reduced version of Samudroprem's list has been hosted on the wiki, at Sannyas names. And as of Jul 2023, Samudroprem's whole site seems to be gone.
Active Meditation
Created by Maneesha and some academic friends, thorough understanding of why active methods needed, with lots of testimonials and Osho quotes, but only one particular method discussed, Dynamic.
OSHO Life And Vision
Bio stresses Osho's rebelliousness, originality and totality, loaded with quotes from contemporary non-affiliated journalists and religious leaders. "Vision" section derived from hours of private talks with Anando. Site is anonymous.
LoveOsho (podcasts)
A former website with 150 audio-interviews with old and new sannyassins. Now re-published as part of this Wiki.

Regional Portals

(Oriented mainly to events, contact and networking in particular areas)

Amici di Osho Italian language portal (maintained by the Osho Arihant Meditation Center, Varazze, Italy)

(now closed and reopening sooner or later as

Osho Viha Worldwide and local, book distributor, magazine, events, blog, networking (maintained by Sw Prabodh Dhanyam and Ma Sunder Avinasho, Bay area, USA)

Ganzheitliches Forum Freiburg (prev. Osho Freiburg & Regio) German language Portal (maintained by Sw Wendelin, Germany)

Osho Freiburg & Regio German language Portal (maintained by Ma Taruno, Germany)

Kids site Unique among the "regional" portals in that the "particular area" is not geographic but age/experiential (maintained by Ma Rupda, USA)

LivingSatsang (maintained by Sw Prembuddha, Netherlands)

meditationfrance (maintained by Jean-Claude, France)

Osho Brasil Portuguese language Portal (maintained by Sw Dharma Mahin, Brazil)

Osho Canada French and English bi-lingual blog (maintained by Osho Canada Publications, Canada)

Osho Israel (fallen into disrepair since a long time)

now switched over to a facebook page

Osho in the UK (maintained by Ma Yoga Punya, UK)

Osho Info Schweiz (maintained by Sw Dhyan Chandra, Switzerland)

Osho South Africa (maintained by Sw Prasado, South Africa)

oToons (lots of Toons, networking for creative people, lots of death info, created by Sw Devakrishna, Switzerland)

Rebellious Spirit & Osho in the Czech Republic (maintained by Sw Nishkam, Czech Republic) (founded by Sw Anand Parmartha, UK, but now looking for a new owner)

See also Sannyas News (website)

Stichting Vrienden van Osho (maintained by Sw Anand Srajan, Netherlands)

See also their Wiki page: Stichting Vrienden van Osho

Discussion & Sharing Groups

(Note that all these groups are on facebook. Once upon a time there were other providers, and others may again appear, but for now it's all facebook. Note also that we only list groups here. There are hundreds of pages dedicated to Osho or Sannyas on facebook, some of which have thousands of readers. Note that the number of group members are from a snapshot in time and thus not up to date.)

Osho Universal ( > 335,000 members)

Osho ( > 200,000 members)

Osho Lovers ( > 65,900 members)

International Osho Group ( > 44,300 members)

Osho Sannyasins ( > 38,900 members)

Osho ( > 21,200 members)

Osho Quotes ( > 24,900 members)

Osho World ( > 15,500 members)

Osho Fragrance ( > 11,300 members)

Osho Photos ( > 4,400 members)

Osho's Lost Friends (> 2,400 members)

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ( > 3,500 members)

Osho Seattle (> 1,000 members)

Rajneeshpuram Residents ( > 900 members)

Sannyas ( > 1,900 members)

Sannyas Now ( > 1,300 members)

Osho WA (289 members)

Bavarian Osho Tribe ( > 1,000 members)

Osho Nirvana ( > 800 members)

Unmad - An Oasis of Osho ( > 3,100 members)

Osho and Meditation ( > 47,500 members)

Osho Friends Club ( > 2,100 members)

Osho Hindi Speech ( > 14,400 members)

Osho meditation group, NYC-NJ, USA ( > 700 members)

Osho Friends Boulder (170 members)

Osho Mumbai ( > 6,000 members)

Osho Torino Piemonte MC (393 members)