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Misc Notes

Sources for early editions include Neeten's Osho Source Book (Appendix section) and Gyan Bhed. Neeten has the info cited, ie 1963 - 1971 and looks reasonable. Gyan Bhed has it as the title of Osho's letters to Sohan, which looks unlikely, though not impossible. 1971 also fits with Viha's info on Love Letters to Life, which calls that book a translation of Antarveena, "originally published in 1971". So be it. -- doofus-9 (talk) 06:22, 29 June 2015 (UTC)

Whatever, it's nice to have a deeper look at the 1990 edition now. Chinmaya's introduction can be read in part in the images supplied (colophon continuing into the first contents page). "Maghi Purnima" is a mainly Bengali Buddhist festival, held on the day of the full moon in the Bengali month of Magh, commemorating the day on which Gautam Buddha announced his impending death, according to Or it's a Hindu bathing festival, according to Take yer pick. -- doofus-9 04:54, 19 June 2017 (UTC)

I added images of first edition. A scan, which i used as the source for them, does not have cover. I assume it is wiki's cover, so i merged them as one book.--DhyanAntar 04:40, 25 July 2019 (UTC)

Place Bombay for events based on guess.--DhyanAntar 14:11, 26 March 2021 (UTC)

Dates and Addressees

Info below is extracted from a pdf of the entire book (with lapses) at Lots more material at that site for intrepid net-wanderers looking into Osho's Hindi sahitya. Some names and dates are partially illegible, noted with ?-marks.

One interesting fact that comes out from this survey is the astonishing number of people receiving letters from Osho in Ajol, a small village in Gujarat. Ma Anand Madhu ran the school there and hosted three of Osho's Meditation Camps, but this concentrated impact seems to be more than just her (or Osho's) "effort".

The order of the letters as published in the book is mostly chronological. There is no "pattern" that can be seen regarding departures from that order, just a number of exceptions, approximately fifteen. The date range is quite wide, from Mar 1963 to Jan 1971, but most letters turn out to be from one prolific month, from Dec 14 1970 to Jan 14 1971.

The overall quality of the pdf is quite low, verging on illegibility in parts for even skilled Hindi readers. And there are about thirty missing pages, plus occasionally missing addressees. Still room for more research! -- doofus-9 16:55, 13 August 2019 (UTC)

And more research has duly happened. Since the above was written, the table has been updated according to the JJK 1971 edition. -- 09:55, 11 February 2020 (UTC)

chapter / title date sent to notes
"Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, an Introduction --- --- **
** = The intro is unsigned and undated, though we can safely assume it was Chinmaya who wrote it, since he wrote the two-page preface which follows and is known to have been expounding on Osho since those days. Its date would have been some months later than the Jan 29 1971 Preface, since it comes after Osho's change of title from Acharya to Bhagwan, and it was likely added whole at that time rather than amended.
Preface by Yoga Chinmaya 29 Jan 1971 ---
1/ आनंद है भीतर 8 Mar 1963 am Ms Jaya Shah, Bombay
2/ धैर्य साधना का प्राण है 28 Mar 1963 Ms Jaya Shah, Bombay
3/ मनुष्य धर्म के बिना नहीं जी सकता है 15 Apr 1963 Ms Jaya Shah, Bombay
4/ जो छीना नहीं जा सकता है, वही केवल आत्म-धन है 20 May 1964 Ms Jaya Shah, Bombay
5/ देखना भर आ जाये--वह तो मौजूद ही है 17 Jan 1964 Mr Jeevan Singh Surana, Surana residence, Indore-3 (MP)
6/ आँख बन्द है--चित्त-वृत्तियों के धुएँ से 17 Jan 1965 Mr Rajnikant Bhansali, Jaipur (Raj.)
7/ मैं आपको तट पर खड़ा पा रहा हूँ 5 Apr 1965 Mr Mathuraprasad Mishra, Patna (Bihar)
8/ बस, निर्विचार चेतना को साधें 10 Aug 1965 Ms Susheela Sinha, Brijkishor Path, Patna-1 widespread illegibility at end in pdf
9/ विचार को छोड़ें और स्वयं में उतरें 6 Oct 1965 Mr Mathuraprasad Mishra, Patna
10/ हृदय की प्यास और पीड़ा से साधना का जन्म 18 Dec 1965 Mr Rajnikant Bhansali, reserve judge, C-212, Manubhai Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur
11/ सत्ता की, होने की प्राणों की पूर्णानुभूति ही सत्य है 5 Aug 1966 Ms Susheela Sinha, Brajkishor Path [Sic], Patna-1 **
** = For letters #8 and 11, the names are different in the Devanagari, बृजकिशोर vs ब्रजकिशोर, with both plausible as names in Bihar. The Exhibition Road, Patna entry in Wikipedia nails it though: "Exhibition Road (officially Braj Kishore Path) is one of the most important thoroughfare in Patna, Bihar, India".
12/ शांत मन में अन्तर्दृष्ट का जागरण 18 Sep 1966 Ms Susheela Sinha, Brajkishor Path [Sic], Patna-1 See above
13/ तीव्र अभीप्सा--सत्य के लिए, शांति के लिए, मुक्ति के लिए 1 Dec 1966 Ms Shireesh Pai, Bombay
14/ निर्विचार चैतन्य है--जीवनानुभूति का द्वार 14 Sep 1968 Dr. Ramchandra Prasad, Patna University, Patna (Bihar) long
15/ जिज्ञासा--जीवन की 7 Nov 1968 Dr. Ramchandra Prasad, Patna University, Patna (Bihar) long, mentioned questions in two letters from 7 Oct 1968 and 23 Sep 1968 perhaps from Ramchandra
16/ सब कुछ-स्वयं को भी देनेवाला प्रेम प्रार्थना बन जाता है 20 Jun 1969 am Kumari Roshan Jaal, Phiroj Shah and co., near Panchwati, Udaipur the first page of this letter is missing in pdf, second page has date, addressee and a PS
17/ स्वतंत्रता का जीवन--प्रेम के आकाश में 26 Jun 1969 Mr Vindi and Ms Neelam, per Ms Dolly Deeddee, 21/3, Band Road, Poona letter is missing in pdf
18/ प्रेम पिघलाता है, मिटाता है 3 Nov 1969 Ms Dolly Deedee, 21/3, Band Road, Poona (Maha.) addressee an early translator of Osho's books
19/ सीखें--प्रत्येक जगह को अपना घर बनाना 13 May 1970 Mr Sunilkumar Shah, per: Mr Ishwarbhai N. Shah, Bombay
20/ सदा शुभ को--सुन्दर को खोज 30 May 1970 Kumari Bharati Ishwarbhai Shah, 55 Hamilton Street, London, N. W.-11 poetic form
21/ जागृत चित्त है द्वार, स्व-सत्ता का 10 Jun 1970 Mr Vijaykumar Band, Mu. Po. - Udkhed, Tah. Morshi, dist. Amravati (Maharashtra)** poetic form, long
** = There is som unclarity in understanding what is being conveyed in the apparent address following Vijaykumar's name, especially "Mu. Po." "Tah" is likely an alt-form of abbr for "Tehsil", an administrative subdivision of a district, with "Mu. Po." possibly the next level (down) of administrative subdivision. This view is supported by the relative sizes and nearness of Udkhed, Morshi and Amravati.
22/ धर्म को भी प्रत्येक युग में पुनर्जन्म लेना होता है 7 Sep 1970 Ma Yoga Bhagavati, Bombay **
** = This letter is another unusual "precursor" of sannyas, in that Osho is addressing Bhagavati as "Yoga Bhagavati", her sannyas name, prior to the official first sannyas event in Manali later in Sep. See also Talk:Dhai Aakhar Prem Ka (ढ़ाई आखर प्रेम का).
23/ धर्म जीवन का प्राण है 10 Oct 1970 Ma Yoga Laxmi, Bombay
24/ व्यक्तित्व की गूँज प्राणों तक 21 Oct 1970 Ma Krishna Karuna, Bombay
25/ सोयें नहीं, जागें 1 Nov 1970 Ma Yoga Laxmi, Bombay
26/ जीवन मन का खेल है 7 Nov 1970 Ma Yoga Bhagavati, Bombay
27/ अति विकृति है, समता मुक्ति है 10 Nov 1970 Sw Yoga Chinmaya, Bombay
28/ आस्तिकता है जीवन-कला 15 Nov 1970 Ma Yoga Bhagavati, Bombay
29/ क्षण ही शाश्वत है 12 Nov 1970 Ma Yoga Priya, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, dist. Mehsana, Gujarat poetic form
30/ जीवन के तथ्यों का आलिंगन 12 Nov 1970 Ma Yoga Prem, Vishvanid, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat poetic form
31/ काँटों में ही फल छिपे हैं 17 Nov 1970 Sw Anand Murti, per - Mr Krishnavandan Rinragavala, Indian Bank, P.B. 257, Bhadra, Ahmedabad poetic form
32/ स्वयं में होना ही स्वस्थ होना है 18 Nov 1970 Sw Yoga Chinmaya, Bombay
33/ प्रार्थना और प्रतीक्षा 27 Nov 1970 Mrs Padma Injiniyar, per Mr A.B. Injiniyar, 15, Saraswati Mahal, Paud Phata, Uradvana, Poona-4 this letter is missing in pdf
34/ संकल्प की जागृति 27 Nov 1970 Mr Kantilal M. Nayak, per Book Band India L., Industry House, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad poetic form
35/ जीना ही एकमात्र जानना है 14 Dec 1970 Ms Ansuben Jani, Gadhada (Swamina), Gujarat
36/ जीवन-रस का सूत्र 14 Dec 1970 Mr Kamlesh Sharma, Raipur (MP) poetic form
37/ प्रभु-लीला अद्भुत है 14 Dec 1970 Mr Jayendra Bhatta, Baroda-6 this letter is missing in pdf
38/ चिंताओं की जड़ें--अहंकार में 14 Dec 1970 Ms Susheela Sinha, Patna poetic form
39/ सत्य प्रेम की कसौटी 14 Dec 1970 Mr Akhilanand Tiwari, Dhanbad (Bihar) poetic form, short
40/ जीवन के तथ्यों की आग का साक्षात्कार कर 14 Dec 1970 Ms Guna Shah, Bombay poetic form, long
41/ मैं नहीं--अब तो वही है 15 Dec 1970 Mr Kamlesh Sharma, Raipur (MP) letter is missing in pdf
42/ अन्तः-अनुभवों के साक्षी बनें 15 Dec 1970 Mr Prem Singh, Kapurthala (Punjab)
43/ विचार, निर्विचार और सत्य 15 Dec 1970 Mr Arun Kumar, Patna
44/ संकल्प के बिना जीवन स्वप्न है 15 Dec 1970 Ms Aruna, Amritsar (Punjab)
45/ अज्ञान का बोध 15 Dec 1970 Mrs Rajsharma, Amritsar (Punjab) poetic form, short
46/ तीसरी आँख 15 Dec 1970 Ma Yoga Samadhi, Rajkot, Saurashtra poetic form
47/ खोजो स्वयं को 16 Dec 1970 Mr Rajendra Akul, Jabalpur poetic form, short
48/ मन से तादात्म्य तोड़ 16 Dec 1970 Ma Yoga Prem, Ajol poetic form
49/ प्रेम के मार्ग पर काँटे भी फूल बन जाते हैं 16 Dec 1970 Ma Anand Madhu, Ajol poetic form, short
50/ संन्यास सब से बड़ा विद्रोह है 16 Dec 1970 Sw Krishna Kabeer, Ahmedabad poetic form, short
51 जीवन चुनौती--अनंत आयामी 16 Dec 1970 Mr Kamlesh Sharma, Raipur (MP)
52/ मन का रेचन--ध्यान में 17 Dec 1970 Kusum, Poona
53/ स्वयं को प्रभु-पूजा का नैवैद्य बना 17 Dec 1970 Mrs Vimal Sud, Poona PS
54/ ध्यान आया कि मन गया 17 Dec 1970 Ms Lalita Rathaur, Chandravatiganj (Fatehabad)
55/ जो है--है, फिर द्वन्द्व कहाँ ! 17 Dec 1970 Sw Geetgovind, per : Indian Tuvaikon K. L., P. - Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-9
56/ कारण स्वयं में खोज 17 Dec 1970 Ms Chandan V. Pandya, per : Mr B.I. Pandya, Baroda-1 (Gujarat)
57/ खिलना--संन्यास के फूल का 17 Dec 1970 Anupanand M. Shah, Surendranagar (Gujarat)
58/ तेरी मर्जी पूरी हो (Thy Will Be Done) 17 Dec 1970 Mr Kashinath Soman, Poona **
** = In both text and index, the part of the title in parentheses is literally "Thy Will Be Done", ie written in English. Osho scatters English words here and there in letters but rarely in whole titles like this. This is certainly the theme of the letter, as his first words after the greeting and "प्रेम" are "समर्पण -- पूर्ण समर्पण (Total Surrender)", also exactly in this form.
59/ स्वयं का समग्र स्वीकार 17 Dec 1970 Mr Samir Kumar, Akola (Maha.)
60/ सत्य खोजे बिना जीवन असार है 17 Dec 1970 Ms Kaumudi Natwar Lal, Africa
61/ ध्यान की अनुपस्थिति है मन 18 Dec 1970 Mr Bhogilal Modi, Ajol (Gujarat)
62/ विराट् अदृश्य का स्पर्श 18 Dec 1970 Ma Yoga Karuna, Vishvanid : Sanskar Teerth, Ajol (Gujarat)
63/ बस स्मरण कर स्वयं का 19 Dec 1970 Ms Nirmala, Ahmedabad
64/ ध्यान में घटी मृत्यु के पार ही समाधि है 19 Dec 1970 Mr Chandrakant Solanki, Surendranagar (Saurashtra)
65/ स्वप्न में डूबना ही दुःख है 19 Dec 1970 Ms Neela, Vileparle, Bombay-57
66/ शुभ है बोध--अभाव, खालीपन और अधूरेपन का 20 Dec 1970 Mr R.K. Nandani, Rajkot (Saurashtra)
67/ ध्यान में पूरा डूबना ही फल का जन्म है 20 Dec 1970 Mr Rajnikant, Porbandar (Gujarat) letter is missing in pdf
68/ बीज के अंकुरित होने में समय लगता है 20 Dec 1970 Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Ajol
69/ जीवन का सत्य अनेकान्त है 22 Dec 1970 Mr Ramkishor Sharma, teacher, Dalmia H.S. School, Chirawa (Rajasthan) **
** = need an interpreter for this. Devanagari abbr transliterates as "Ha. Se." not as HS. HS stands for High School and is redundant here in "HS School". Possibly a locally significant proper name. -- doofus
It means High Secondary School.
70/ बहुत देखे सपने--अब तो जाग 25 Dec 1970 Ms Radha Bahan, Indonesia, post box-2321, Jakarta
71/ स्वयं में ठहरते ही विश्राम है, शान्ति है 26 Dec 1970 Ma Yogashanti, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, dist. Mehsana, Gujarat poetic form
72/ धर्म और सम्प्रदाय के अन्तर्विरोध का रहस्य 27 Dec 1970 Ms Vimal Mehta, D 192 (D 193), Defence Colony, New Delhi second page missing in pdf, including all info
73/ प्रेम असुरक्षा में छलाँग है 27 Dec 1970 Mr P. Gupta, (assistant engineer), 174, Vallabh Bari, Kota (Raj.)
(Letters 74 to 88 missing in pdf.)
74/ प्रेम और ध्यान--एक ही सत्य के दो छोर 27 Dec 1970 Mr B.V. Turakhiya, 381, Raviwar Peth, Poona (Maharashtra)
75/ सफलता और असफलता--एक ही सिक्के के दो पहलू 27 Dec 1970 Mr Atma Vijaya, 2-4 New Abhiyanta Hostel, Patna-5
76/ अनेकता में एकता 27 Dec 1970 Mr Lal Pratap, Ganv-Bhudha, Post--Sangipur, dist. Pratapgarh--Avadha (UP)
77/ स्वयं को सम्हालने की पागल-चिंता 27 Dec 1970 Mr Narayana K. Bhatt, Seth G.N. Memorial Mahashala, Kothara (Kutch) **
** = need an interpreter for this too. Devanagari abbr transliterates as "Go. Se. Sma." not GN Sma. Could be a locally significant proper name. Re location, unable to drill down further than Kothara. "Seth ... Mahashala" may be obsolete, long gone. -- doofus
Sma. or स्मा = स्मारक, which means monument
78/ स्वयं को खो देना ही सब-कुछ पा लेना है 27 Dec 1970 Ms Rama Patel, 3, New Amrit Kunj Flats, second floor, Panchvati, Ahmedabad-6
79/ संसार को लीलामात्र जानना संन्यास है 27 Dec 1970 Ms Hansa Manikant Khona, 262/270, Narsi Mehta Road, Bombay-9
80/ शरीर में रस कहॉं--रस तो है आत्मा में 27 Dec 1970 Mr Manikant Khona, 262/270, Narsi Mehta Street, Bombay-9
81/ जो समय पर हो वही शुभ है 27 Dec 1970 Mr R.N. Airan, 6 Ganesh Society, outside Shahpur gate, Ahmedabad-1
82/ जियें--आज, और अभी और यहीं 28 Dec 1970 Mr Girdhar R. Ukaji, per Indian Drugstore, Bhakti Nagar, Station Road, Rajkot-2 (Guj.)
83/ प्रभु के लिए पागल होना एक कला है 28 Dec 1970 Mr P.O. Igale, Siddharth school, Sangamner, Ahmedanagar (Maha.) Tattvamasi (तत्त्वमसि) gives correct name "Ingale"
84/ जीवन-रहस्य जी कर ही जाना जा सकता है 28 Dec 1970 Mr Harish K. Raj, B-3, Mohalla Kvajiyan, Purana Bazaar, Ludhiana (Punjab)
85/ प्रभु-प्रेम की धुन हृदय-हृदय में गुॅंजा देनी है 28 Dec 1970 Ma Yoga Meera (Ms Jayavanti), per Dr. Hemant Shukla, Kadiyavad, Junagadh (Gujarat) Kadiyavad is area of Junagadh as Google Maps says. "Kathiyavad" as stated in the book looks as misspelling
86/ --आता रहूॅंगा--तुम्हारी नींद जो तोड़नी है 28 Dec 1970 Mr Sardarilal Sahgal, New Misri Bazaar, Amritsar (Punjab)
87/ विचार नहीं, ध्यान है द्वार 28 Dec 1970 Mr Dinesh R. Shah, Juna Bazaar, Miya Ganv, Karjan, dist. Baroda (Gujarat)
88/ जन्मों जन्मों की खोज 28 Dec 1970 Ms Bhanumati P. Katariya, A 8/311, Nehru Nagar, Kurla, Bombay-70
89/ प्रेम के अतिरिक्त और कोई धर्म नहीं है 28 Dec 1970 Mr Shiv, Z-217/C, Upper Lines, Jabalpur (MP) image of letter available here
90/ चेतना चाहिए--खुली, उन्मुक्त, प्रतिपल नवीन 29 Dec 1970 Mr M.D. Shah, Humanist Center, Jekor Building, opposite St. Xavier college, Gymkhana Gate, Parel, Bombay-12 D.D.
91/ फूटा बबूला (Bubble) अहंकार का 29 Dec 1970 Mr N.C. Jain, lecturer, Garv. Secondary school, Prithvipur, Tikamgarh (MP)
92/ पूर्ति--आत्मिक पुकार की 29 Dec 1970 Mr Dattaram Bhatiya, partner Dattaram Ramlal, 363, Katha Bazaar, Bombay-9
93/ सत्य है--समझ के पार 29 Dec 1970 Mr Shiv, Z-217 C, Upper Lines, Jabalpur (MP) image of letter available here
94/ प्रभु-समर्पित कर्म, अकर्म है 29 Dec 1970 Ma Yoga Siddhi, 46/8, Municipal staff quarters, Shahpur, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) image of letter available here
95/ अहंकार निर्बलता है, आत्मा बल है 30 Dec 1970 Mr Mangilal Bhatnagar, headmaster, Gov't U.P. school post office, dist. - Jhalawar Road, (Western Railway), Rajasthan **
** = need an interpreter for this too. Devanagari transliterates as "Jhalawad" but G**gle maps insist on Jhalawar. Okay. The big mystery is "Gov't U. Pra. school". UP or U. Pra. in most contexts will be Uttar Pradesh, but here, in a small railway town on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, with the nearest part of UP 200 km away, this doesn't make much sense. Either "U." is a mistake for "M." or we need a new interpretation, or ? Also, "Po. Pipliya", could be Post or Post Office? -- doofus
It means Government Higher Secondary (12 classes). Editors made mystake typed "उ. प्रा." Pra" instead "उ. मा.", which short of उच्च माध्यमिक (Higher Secondary). This mystake corrected in Tattvamasi (तत्त्वमसि)
"Po. Pipliya" = post piplaiya, i.e. post office
96/ जीने के लिए आज पर्याप्त है 30 Dec 1970 Mr Rajendra Singh, M.A., L.L.B., Po. Jhiriya, dist. Jabalpur (MP) **
** = letter text includes quote in English and Hindi of a line from John Henry Newman's "Lead Kindly Light". "सिंह" is accepted form of Singh as my Hindi friend said
97/ तैयार होकर आ 30 Dec 1970 Kumari Roshan Jaal, Firozshah End Kan., near Panchwati, Udaipur (Raj.)
98/ मार्ग के पत्थरों को सीढ़ियाँ बना 30 Dec 1970 Ms Pushpa, house no. N.K. 181, Charanjit Pura, Jalandhar (Punjab)
99/ व्यक्ति-चित्त के आमूल रूपान्तरण से ही समाज में शांति 30 Dec 1970 Mr L.H. Vaidy, M.B., B.S., per - Mr R.J. Vala, B.E., Sanghadiya Bazaar, Mochi Gali, Junagadh (Gujarat)
100/ एक मात्र उत्तर--हँसना और चुप रह जाना 30 Dec 1970 Mr Shiv, Z-217/C Upper Lines, Jabalpur (MP) **
** = As with #89 and 93, addressee appears only as "Shiv"; here, "Jabalpur" also included, makes Ageh more of a sure thing.
101/ उठो अब, और चलो 1 Jan 1971 Mr Prithveesh Jaadeja, C/o Ma Yoga Samadhi, 44 Pankaj Prahlad Plot, Rajkot (Saurashtra)
102/ समय चुका कि सब चूका 2 Jan 1971 Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, dist. Mehsana (Gujarat)
103/ होश (Awareness) ही ध्यान है 2 Jan 1971 Mr Shashivadan B. Delivala, Dr. M.G. Dholakiya Building, 6-Jagannath Plot, Rajkot (Saurashtra)
104/ स्वयं में खाली जगह बनाओ 2 Jan 1971 Mr Janakaraya Shankarlal Vyas, Sarkari Adhyapan Mandir, Dhrol, dist. Jamnagar (Gujarat) addressee missing in pdf
105/ पुरानों को दफनाओ और नयों को जन्माते रहो 2 Jan 1971 Mr Lahar Singh Bhati, India General Store, Dalu Modi Bazaar, Ratlam (MP) in pdf letters 104 and 105 repeated here, complete with 104 missing addressee
106/ प्यास को जगा 2 Jan 1971 Mrs Kamala Laxmichand, 75 Serpentine Road, flat no. 1, K.P. West, Bangalore-20 poetic form, short
107/ प्रश्न अंधकार का नहीं--स्वयं के सोये होने का है 2 Jan 1971 Sw Chaitanya Bharti, room no. 9, INSDOC, Delhi-12
108/ विस्मरण का विष 2 Jan 1971 Dr. Savitri C. Patel, Mohanlal D. maternity home, Po. Killa Pardi, dist. Balsar (Gujarat) poetic form, short
109/ स्वयं का रूपान्तरण--समाज को बदलने का एक मात्र उपाय 2 Jan 1971 Mr O.P. Billa, per Mr Gurudas Ram Ji, Lahori Gate, Kapurthala (Punjab)
110/ धर्म तो प्रयोग है, अनुभव है--आस्था नहीं, विश्वास नहीं 2 Jan 1971 Mr Shorilal Bhanjana, 11, Doctor street, Joshi garden, Kalyan, dist. Thana name mostly illegible in pdf; "Chaal" in Maharashtra means street
111/ ध्यान में मिलन--मुझसे, सबसे, स्वयं से 2 Jan 1971 Vinas Studio, Dalhousie
112/ प्रेम में, प्रार्थना में, प्रभु में डूबना ही मुक्ति है 2 Jan 1971 Ms Bhanumati P. Katariya, A 8/31, Nehru Nagar, Kurla (East), Bombay-70 A.S.
113/ प्राणों का पंछी--अज्ञात की यात्रा पर 2 Jan 1971 Ms Rama Patel, New Amrit Kunj Plot, Panchvati, Ahmedabad-6
114/ क्षण में ही जीयें 3 Jan 1971 Dr. S.B. Shah, per Rugby Hotel, Matheran (Maharashtra)
115/ मृत्यु का ज्ञान ही अमृत का द्वार है 3 Jan 1971 Dr. Savitri Patel, Po. Killa Pardi, dist. Balsar (Gujarat) poetic form, short
116/ भय को पकड़ कर मत रख 4 Jan 1971 Dr. Savitri Patel, Po. Killa Pardi, dist. Balsar (Gujarat) poetic form, short
117/ साधना-संयोग अति दुर्लभ घटना है, चूकना मत 4 Jan 1971 Savitri Patel, Po. Killa Pardi, dist. Balsar (Gujarat)
118/ अनुभव के फूलों से ज्ञान का इत्र निचोड़ 4 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Prem, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, district Mehsana (Gujarat) this letter is missing in pdf
119/ स्वयं की फिक्र 4 Jan 1971 Mr Swatantra Kumar, room no. 186, Mehrchand Hostel, D.A.B. College, Jalandhar City (Punjab) Typo in college name: it should be D.A.V. College as Tattvamasi and google maps say.
120/ परमात्मा की आग में जल जाना ही निर्वाण है 4 Jan 1971 Mr Balwant Ray B. Bhatt, Bramin [sic] Society, Surendranagar (Gujarat)
121/ बुद्धि का भिक्षा-पात्र और जीवन का सागर 4 Jan 1971 Mr Manikant V. Kothari, Vadva Choru, K.K. street, Bhavnagar (Gujarat)
122/ खोजें--ध्यान, मौन, समाधि 4 Jan 1971 Mr Arjunlal Narela, 1417, New Bazaar, Neemuch Cant't (MP) this letter is missing in pdf
123/ जहाँ प्यास है, वहाँ मार्ग है 4 Jan 1971 Mr Ramesh Solanki, Solanki Brothers, opposite Laxman-Mandir, Bharatpur (Raj.) very short
124/ व्यक्ति धार्मिक होते हैं, ग्रंथ नहीं 7 Jan 1971 Ms Vimal Mehta, per - Mr K.K. Mehta, D-193, Defense Colony, New Delhi-1
125/ परम असहायावस्था (Helplessness) का स्वीकार 7 Jan 1971 Mr Lalchand G.K., per - Shyam Sundar Metal Industries Co., 5/2 Fanaswadi, Thanawala Building, first floor, Bombay-2 addressee missing in pdf
126/ गहरी नींद के लिए चोट भी गहरी चाहिए 7 Jan 1971 Mrs Susheela Sinha, per - advocate B.S. Singh, Brajkishor Path, Patna-1
127/ सब मार्ग ध्यान के ही विविध रूप है 7 Jan 1971 Mr Radhakant Nagar, 1740, Ramagali, Sabzi Mandi, Sohan Ganj, Delhi-7 this letter is missing in pdf
128/ परमात्मा निकटतम है--इसलिए ही विस्मृत है 7 Jan 1971 Mr Sardarilal Sahgal, New Mishri Bazaar, Amritsar (Punjab) addressee illegible in pdf
129/ मैं तो पुकारता ही रहूँगा--तेरी घाटियों में उतर कर 7 Jan 1971 Mrs Guna Shah, per - Ishwar Bhai Shah, Bombay
130/ बस बहें--आनंद से, शांति से, विश्राम से 7 Jan 1971 Lala Sundarlal Jain, Motilal Banarsidass, Bungalow Road, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-7
131/ ना-समझ बन कर भी देख लो 7 Jan 1971 Mr Arun J. Patel, Pragji Vrindravan [sic] Building, Jambli Galli, Borivali, Bombay-92 probably should be Vrindavan
132/ स्वयं में खोदो--निकट है स्रोत उसका 7 Jan 1971 Jaswant Ray, per - Mr Tulsiramji driver, Ram Nagar, Maqbool Road, Amritsar (Punjab) names not very legible in pdf
133/ संबंध है--जन्मों-जन्मों का 7 Jan 1971 Mr Airan, 6 Ganesh Society, outside Shahpur gate, Ahmedabad-1 poetic form
134/ पागल सरिता का सागर से मिलन 7 Jan 1971 Ma Dharmkeerti, Ajol
135/ वेदनाओं को बह कर पिघलने दो--झर-झर आँसुओं में 7 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Shanti, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol (Gujarat)
136/ दुर्लभ पंछी उस-पार (Beyond) का 8 Jan 1971 Mrs Guna Shah, per Mr Ishvarlal Shah, Bombay letter is missing in pdf
137/ कुछ करो, कुछ चलो--स्वयं की खोज में 8 Jan 1971 Ms Madhuri Bahan, per Mr Pushkar Gokani, M.S., Haridas Company, Dwarka (Gujarat)
138/ सत्योपलब्धि के मार्ग अनंत हैं 8 Jan 1971 Dr. Mr V.G. Shah, Hirabag Dharmashala, Bombay-4 letter is missing in pdf
139/ अकेलेपन को जी, आलिंगन कर 8 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Shanti, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol (Gujarat)
140/ ध्यान के प्रकाश में वासना का सर्प पाया ही नहीं जाता 9 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Priya, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol (Gujarat) letter is missing in pdf
141/ कोयले-जैसी चेतना को हीरा-जैसा बनाने की कीमिया है--संन्यास 9 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Prem, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol (Gujarat) long, first page(s) missing in pdf
142/ आत्म-श्रद्धा-युक्त शक्ति से ही सृजन संभव 9 Jan 1971 Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol (Gujarat) letter is missing in pdf
143/ सदा ही एक बार और प्रयास करो 9 Jan 1971 Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol (Mehsana), Gujarat
144/ समय और दूरी से पार--आयाम-शून्य आयाम में प्रवेश 9 Jan 1971 Ma Anand Madhu, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol (Mehsana, Gujarat)
145/ भय के कुहासों में साहस का सूर्योदय 9 Jan 1971 Ms Guna Shah, per - Mr Ishvar Bhai Shah, Bombay
146/ अदृश्य के दृश्य और अज्ञात के ज्ञात होने का उपाय--ध्यान 12 Jan 1971 Mr Lal Pratap, Ganv Bhudah, Po. Sangipur, district Pratapgarh (Awadh)
147/ आत्मज्ञान के दीये, समाधि के फूल--मौन में, शून्य में 13 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Prem, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol (Gujarat)
148/ सहज-मुक्ति 14 Jan 1971 Sw Prem Krishna, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol long
149/ अन्तर्संगीत 7 Jan 1971 Mr Harikrishna Bhatt, 4/887, opposite Central Bank, Po. Navasari, Balsar (Gujarat)
150/ प्राणों की अन्तर्वीणा 4 Jan 1971 Ma Dharmkeerti, Vishvanid, Sanskar Teerth, Ajol, Mehsana (Gujarat)