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Osho giving a name-paper to a new sannyasin.
Photo from The Shadow of the Whip, Pages 332 - 333.

These are the papers that we would get when we took sannyas, in the time that Osho "gave sannyas" himself, and wrote the new name on a sheet of paper.

Papers and names are arranged in rough order of dates. Those without dates have at least their era known from the stationery used, and are placed at the end of that era. Others not precisely dated have at least the year, with the month approximate. If the list gets large and browsing for names becomes a priority, a different ordering may evolve.

Name-paper Amrit -- Siddhi 1970 - Sw Anand Amrit & Ma Yoga Siddhi, 1970
Name-paper Amrit Bodhidharma 1971 - Sadhu Amrita Bodhidharma (later renamed Sw Amrit Bodhidharma), either Apr or Sep-Oct 1971
Name-paper Yoga Pushpa 1971 - Ma Yoga Pushpa, 1971
Name-paper Yoga Krishna 1971 - Ma Yoga Krishna, 20 Sep 1971
Name-paper Amrita Viveka 1971 - Sadhu Amrita Viveka, 26 Sep 1971
Name-paper Yoga Shanta 1971 - Sadhvi Yoga Shanta, 30 Sep 1971
Name-paper Yoga Bharat 1972 - Sadhu Yoga Bharat, 31 Mar 1972 (in 1976 renamed Sw Yoga Bharat)
Name-paper Divyanand 1973 - Sadhu Divyanand, 8 Apr 1973
Name-paper Jnana Dharmananda - Sadhu Jnana Dharmananda (Sadhu Gyan Dharmananda), Mumbai, date unknown
Name-paper Keshavananda Teertha - Sw Keshavananda Teertha, Mumbai, date unknown
Name-paper Narottam Bharti 1976 - Sw Narottam Bharti, 1 Feb 1976
Name-paper Yoga Bharat 1976 - Sw Yoga Bharat, 31 Mar 1976
Name-paper Amrit Bodhidharma 1976 - Sw Amrit Bodhidharma, 21 May 1976
Name-paper Prem Sarjana 1977 - Ma Prem Sarjana, 21 Oct 1977