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The wiki has images of three different letterheads in the class of letterheads relating to Sant Taaran Taran. They differ considerably in their details but all are in the service of the various committees organizing Taaran Taran's birthday and other celebrations. Osho was both a member of these committees and a speaker at their functions. His first public talk of which we have a record was at one of these functions in 1955, but his connection with Taaran Taran goes back much further and deeper.

Taaaran Taran's influence was profound in the part of India Osho grew up in. In fact, his parents were members of the sect which arose from Taaran Taran's teachings. His first known venture into public commentary on Taaran Taran was, astoundingly, a hand-written "magazine", created and "published" when he was ten years old, in 1942. See Manuscripts ~ Taran-Taaran Patrika (तरन तारन पत्रिका) for images of that.

Osho used this class of letterheads only rarely for letters, since they were not his personal letterheads, though his address does appear. Probably they were used mainly out of need in the moment, the last known use in 1961. This one has the distinction of being the busiest by far of all the letterheads Osho has used, the most loaded with information. It has the committee's name running vertically up the left side:

Sant Taaran Taran Jayanti Samaaroh Samiti (STT birthday celebration committee)

In the upper right corner:

Karyalay : (office)
115, Napier Town,
Jabalpur (madhyapradesh) (sic)

On the left side, a list of of members of the committee:

sanrakshak mandal : (board of patrons)
Pan. Kunjilal Dube ("Pan." is short for Pandit)
Dr. Bhavaniprasad Tiwari
Dr. Seth Govinddas
Dr. Hiralal Jain
Shri Vyauhar Rajendrasinha**
Dr. Satyacharan Baraat
Dr. Rajbali Pandey
Acharya Bhagwatsharan Adhauliya

a space

adhyaksh : (director)
Acharya Rajneesh

a space

mantri : (secretaries)
Prof. Arvind Kumar
Shri Deepchand Samaiya

a space

mahila mantri : (lady ministers/secretaries)
Sushri Kanti Samaiya (Kranti mis-spelled?)**
Dr Mamal Samaiya

a space

sanyojak : (co-ordinators)
Shri Ghasiram Samaiya
Shri Lakkhu Babba

a space, then a gigantic list in paragraph form across the bottom running for many lines:

bhutpurv atithi : (former guests)
Rashtrasant Shri Tukdhoji Maharaj, Mahatma Bhagawandeen, Tapasvi Pan. Sundarlal, Shri Goswami Binduji Maharaj, Swami Satyabhakta, Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan, Shri Jainendra Kumar, Shri Parashuramji Chaturvedi, Dr. Bheekhanlal Aatreya, Dr. Shrikrishna Saksena, Shri Viyogi Hari, Sw. Acharya Chatursena Shastri, Dada Dharmadhikari, Dr. Ramkumar Varma, Dr. Bharatsinha** Upadhyay, Dr. J. S. Williams, Shri Prakashvir Shastri, Nyayamurti Hidayatulla, Acharya Seetaram Chaturvedi, Nyayamurti G. P. Bhatt, Sau. Parasrani Mehta, Dr. J. S. Sahay, Sushri Vimala Thakar, Dr. S. N. L. Srivastav, Sw. Muni Ganeshasagarji Varni, Muni Shri Kantisagar, Dr. Dwarkaprasad Mishra, Dr. Baldevprasad Mishra, Shri Takhatamal Ji Jain, Shri Vani Vilas, Dr. Lanjashankar Jha, Sw. Krishnanand Ji Sokhta, Shri Rishabhdas Ranka, Khan Bahadur Zakir Ali, Shri Tayyab H. Yusuf Ji.

It will be noted that there are a number of "Samaiyas" in the column on the left. All or most of them are likely Osho's in-law relatives, via his father's sister's marriage into the Samaiya family.

Also worth noting is this list's connection with the damaged list at TaaranTaran-1 Letterhead. A fair number of names appear to be similar enough to repair some of the damage there. TaaranTaran-2 Letterhead has no such list or info.

There are only three letters known to have been written using this letterhead, and it is very likely that the undated second one is a PS of the first, so it has been placed with the first:

Letter written on 28 Nov 1961 pm, to Ma Anandmayee. It/they have not been published.
Letter written on 29 Nov 1961 am, to Shrikrishna Agarwal, a childhood friend of Osho. It is not known to have been published.