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Hindi book titles are listed here with their Roman transliteration followed in brackets by their original title in the Devanagari writing. More about Sannyas Wiki's standards of transliteration can be found here.

If your computer does not already display Devanagari properly, then you should either install the Arial Unicode MS font or install one of the many free Google fonts.

Sub-categories are listed in English followed in brackets by their two-letter language code hi and their Hindi translation.

This is the most complicated, sprawling and unfathomable major category in the whole wiki. Osho's early activities, all in Hindi, are simply not as well documented as his later ones and there are fewer of his people available to share their stories of those times. The wiki has compiled a few pages where information is organized to make research into this area easier for those who might be able to help. The journey begins at Researching Osho's Hindi Publications.

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