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List in chronological order

Below is a list of all original Darshan Diaries in chronological order. The "notes & extras" column relates to material from published Darshan Diaries which is not included in the CD-ROM: interviews, long "guest editorials", plus notes about anomalies, etc.
Many of the earliest Darshan Diaries have unsigned introductions. It is is not known but likely that these are all or mostly written by Ma Prem Maneesha, the chief editor of the series.
Some sixteen Darshan Diaries were not published in hard copy, only in the CD-ROM, and in some cases, information such as dates and names were lost. These cases are marked with **, linking to special pages which attempt to reconstruct the missing info.
Column * no. is the number as counted for all known darshan diaries and their dates.
Column ** no. is the number as mentioned in the book itself.
* no. ** no. dates title notes & extras
1 10/12/75 to 15/1/76 Hammer on the Rock Prologue by anon.

Maneesha muses on Osho p 125
Maneesha muses on working in the ashram p 417

2 16/1/76 to 12/2/76 Above All, Don't Wobble personal diary entries by anon, covering a year from taking sannyas, serving as intro

Maneesha writes on the many groups available p 84
Maneesha writes on the "inconsistency" in Osho's advice to different people p 181
Maneesha writes on the monthly meditation camps p 246
Maneesha writes on Osho's versatility as a master p 278
Maneesha describes a Kathak (Indian classical dance) routine performed by Ma Satya Yogini p 384
Maneesha writes on going through issues arising from meditation p 393
Maneesha writes on a period of increased physical contact with Osho in darshan p 406
Maneesha writes about "Little Siddhartha" p 407
Maneesha writes on relationship with the master and beyond it p 456

3 13/2/76 to 12/3/76 Nothing to Lose but Your Head Maneesha writes about sannyasins' new attitudes in old situations, eg returning to the West p 86

Maneesha muses on Osho's inconsistency p 125
lots of stuff about the ashram kids p 219
Maneesha interviews attendees at a whole darshan in silence (no "problems" but people still taking sannyas, etc) p 295
extensive coverage of Vipassana's death and celebration p 359

4 13/3/76 to 6/4/76 Be Realistic: Plan for a Miracle Introduction: "Sw Deva Amit Prem (formerly Bernard Günther)".
5 5 7/4/76 to 2/5/76 Get Out of Your Own Way! intro by anon

Maneesha writes on divine healings conducted by Bodhisattva p 187
Groupleaders speak on what's different about therapy groups with Osho p 266

6 3/5/76 to 28/5/76 Beloved of My Heart intro by anon

an exorcism process is described at length p 126
Maneesha interviews Sw Pujari p 187

7 29/5/76 to 27/6/76 The Cypress in the Courtyard intro by anon

Teertha and Maneesha interview Sw Siddhanta, the Marquis of Bath p 363

8 28/6/76 to 27/7/76 A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose intro by anon

Maneesha muses on the diversity of sannyasins p 138
Maneesha muses on Guru Purnima p 196
Maneesha muses on older sannyasins, esp Osho's father Sw Devateerth Bharti p 366

9 9 28/7/76 to 20/8/76 Dance Your Way to God intro by anon

Maneesha muses on the tai chi group's lengthy appearance in darshan p 68
Maneesha muses on sannyasin kids p 142
Maneesha interviews Ma Prem Kaveesha p 236
Maneesha muses on music group plus a pre-death celebration p 243
Maneesha muses on male and female role-shifting p 306
Maneesha interviews Sw Hareesh (American preacher) p 325

10 21/8/76 to 18/9/76 The Passion for the Impossible intro by anon

Maneesha interviews Sw Anand Somendra p 172
Maneesha interviews Savita p 200
Maneesha writes about sannyasin attitudes to death, two recent departures p 219
Madhuri writes about Music Group p 373
Maneesha interviews Sw Geet Govind p 422

11 11 19/9/76 to 11/10/76 The Great Nothing intro by anon

Maneesha writes about a magic show in darshan by Niranjan Mathur p 27
Maneesha interviews Sw Chaitanya Sagar ("Proper Sagar") p 96
"A Day in the Life": a wander through a typical day in the ashram p 220
Maneesha interviews Indivar p 300
Maneesha interviews Sw Ajit Saraswati p 394

12 12/10/76 to 7/11/76 God Is Not for Sale

Long intro by Sw Anand Bodhisattva, in the form of a letter to brother
Maneesha interviews Sw Anand Amitabh p 55
Maneesha interviews Ma Deva Nisarga p 180
Maneesha interviews Sw Mahesh Bharti p 227
Maneesha muses on relationships as processes p 347

13 8/11/76 to 3/12/76 The Shadow of the Whip Introduction: Ma Prem Asha

Saturday, Nov 13 was Music-Group: Bodhi, the tabla-player, shares his experience. pp 103 - 109
Maneesha interviews Ma Deva Aneesha pp 161 - 173
Maneesha interviews Sw Raj pp 193 - 221
The editor relates the story of Sw Ramananda pp 244 - 248
The editor gives a compilation and explanation of Osho's guidance about sex, giving as examples several situations which arose during darshans where people asked his advice about their sexual energy. pp 321 - 325
The editor relates the story of Ma Anand Nirgun and the experience of being in silence, pp 395 - 397
Maneesha interviews Sw Veereshwar pp 446 - 457

14 4/12/76 to 31/12/76 Blessed Are the Ignorant Introduction: Ma Prem Nitya.

Maneesha interviews Ma Prem Aneeta (leader of the many Sufi events) pp 83 - 102.
Teertha and Maneesha interview Sw Deva Veeten (Terence Stamp, a film actor), pp 132 - 152.
In the darshan of Dec 17 Osho talks about women and creativity, and a few weeks later Maneesha meets with 7 other women sannyasins "to talk informally about how they experience themselves in terms of their 'sexual identity' in the context of the ashram and the work happening through Bhagwan.": pp 288 - 316.
Maneesha interviews Sw Deva Amit Prem (compiled from two interviews on Dec 9 and Jan 1, 1977): pp 478 - 495.

15 1/1/77 to 31/1/77 The Buddha Disease no intro

Maneesha interviews Ma Anand Devika (elderly Brit) p 27
Maneesha interviews Sw Yoga Chinmaya pp 152 - 162, reproduced, with pics, at Osho News
Maneesha interviews Ma Anand Mallika (tai chi) plus Sagar and Paras re parental visits p 322
long men's conversation about male roles p 490

16 1/2/77 to 28/2/77 What Is, Is, What Ain't, Ain't intro by Sw Prem Prasad

Maneesha talks with many of the ashram's group leaders p 219
Maneesha interviews Ma Anand Poonam p 330
some extended poetry about Music Group p 370
Maneesha interviews Sw Leelananda p 517

17 1/3/77 to 31/3/77 The Zero Experience intro by Sw Anand Rakesh

Maneesha interviews Prof Brian Lewis p 64
Maneesha interviews Sw Vinod Bharti p 147
Maneesha interviews Sw Nirvana Bharti p 401
Rakesh reflects on the chaos of Enlightenment Day celebrations and the new Buddha Hall p 450
Savita's diary re arriving in Pune, taking sannyas, finishing off in London and coming back to Pune p 533

18 1/4/77 to 30/4/77 For Madmen Only (Price of Admission: Your Mind) intro by Rakesh

letter "home" by Sw Prem Anutosh p 101
Maneesha interviews Padma, Sambuddha and Samarpan about Arica p 201
guest editor Rakesh shares impressions throughout the darshan p 219
Maneesha interviews Ma Sujata (Eng actress) p 307

19 19 1/5/77 to 31/5/77 This Is It intro by Rakesh

Maneesha interviews Prof Robert Gussnor p 177
Maneesha interviews Sw Bodhiprem (music producer) p 612

20 20 1/6/77 to 30/6/77 The Further Shore (big hardcover)
intro by Aneeta

Maneesha interviews Ma Prabhu Praveeta p 181

21 21 2/7/77 to 31/7/77 Far Beyond the Stars (big hardcover)
intro by Sw Deva Rashid

Maneesha interviews Sw Satya Vedant p 22
Maneesha interviews Sw Satyananda p 76
Maneesha interviews Ma Prem Astha p 88
letter from mother of Samarpan after his death p 103
Maneesha interviews Sw Prem Prabhu (age 9) p 222

22 22 1/8/77 to 31/8/77 The No Book (No Buddha, No Teaching, No Discipline) (big hardcover)
intro by Sw Krishna Prem

9-yr-old Prabhu writes a letter to school in Germany p 39
guest editor Aneeta writes impressions p 60
Maneesha interviews Sw Veet Nirvana p 114
Maneesha interviews Sw Anand Kavishwara p 150
Maneesha interviews Sw Krishna Samarpan p 272

23 23 1/9/77 to 30/9/77 Don't Just Do Something, Sit There (big hardcover)
intro by Sw Deva Rashid

Maneesha interviews Sw Prem Chinmaya (Eng priest) p 55
Maneesha interviews Sw Vimoksha p 146
letters from Divya to Osho p 224

24 24 1/10/77 to 31/10/77 Only Losers Can Win in This Game intro by Aneeta

relationship-ola with Yatri and Sarita, letters + talks with Osho p 289
Maneesha interviews Sw Nirvan (older Eng) p 333
Divya interviews Teertha p 439
Maneesha interviews Ma Bhavani (group leader) p 489

25 23 1/11/77 to 30/11/77 The Open Secret (big hardcover)
Introduction: Ma Prem Mangala

Ma Prem Mangala describes her experience in music group: pp 250 - 254, and comments on darshan: pp 344 - 345.

26 24 1/12/77 to 31/12/77 The Open Door (big hardcover)
intro by Sw Deva Ashoka

Maneesha interviews Sw Gunakar p 59
Osho's birthday reflections from Krishna Prem and Aneeta p 114
Prasad interviews Sw Ashoka (German priest) p 199
guest editor Ma Mangala rambles about Sufi Dancing p 224

27 1/1/78 to 31/1/78 The Sun Behind the Sun Behind the Sun

The editor interviews Ma Deva Chintana, an ex-nun, p 196 - 203
Savita interviews Sw Geet Govind, p 287 - 295
Savita interviews Jerry, Sw Anand Sarvam and Sw Kailash, p 529 - 532

28 28 1/2/78 to 28/2/78 Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast (big hardcover)
intro by Ma Yoga Anurag

Savita interviews Sw Ashoka (Bill Grossman) p 122
Maneesha interviews Alexander Everett p 189

29 1/3/78 to 31/3/78 Don't Bite My Finger, Look Where I'm Pointing (big softcover)
intro by Ma Deva Sarito

Savita and KB interview Sw Anunada
plus letters etc re dying p 141

30 1/4/78 to 30/4/78 Let Go! mini-intro by Savita

guest commentary by Rakesh and Prem, including a glimpse into relationship p 81
Divya muses on Let-Go p 608

31 1/5/78 to 31/5/78 The Ninety-Nine Names of Nothingness -- unusual feature is that all the new sannyas names are Sufi names --

intro by Sw Prem Siddha
Savita interviews Ma Sagarpriya p 82
Savita interviews Sw Prem Siddha p 197
Savita interviews Ma Prem Savita p 282

32 32 1/6/78 to 30/6/78 The Madman's Guide to Enlightenment (big softcover)
intro by Sw Prem Prasad

Savita interviews Sarjano p 204
Maneesha interviews Sw Prem Prasad p 355

33 01/7/78 to 31/7/78 Don't Look Before You Leap (small paperback)
Intro by Sw Deva Anuragi

Maneesha writes about a trip to MG Road p 209

34 34 1/8/78 to 31/8/78 Hallelujah! (big softcover)
intro by Sw Prem Pramod

Maneesha interviews Sw Anand Somendra p 27
guest editor Ma Prem Divya rambles p 70
Savita interviews Sw Deva Amrito p 117
Savita interviews Ma Anand Deeksha p 201

35 1/9/78 to 30/9/78 God's Got a Thing about You (small paperback)
Introduction by Sw Anand Rajen.
36 1/10/78 to 31/10/78 The Tongue-Tip Taste of Tao (big hardcover)
Intro by Ma Yoga Prem

Maneesha's words (+ pics) on Osho's almond tree, throughout
Savita interviews Ma Anand Tanmaya (age 11) p 24
Savita interviews Divya p 276

37 1/11/78 to 30/11/78 The Sacred Yes (small paperback)
Short intro by Sw Premgeet.
38 38 1/12/78 to 31/12/78 Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot (big hardcover)
Intro by Divya.
39 1/1/79 to 31/1/79 Zorba the Buddha (big softcover)
intro by Ma Prem Maitri

Divya interviews Arup/Garimo p 149

40 1/2/79 to 28/2/79 Won't You Join the Dance? (small paperback)
Short intro by Ma Prem Maitri, includes description of beginning of a new phase of "energy darshan"

Maneesha also writes about this beginning, p 205
followed by talks by Osho after initiation talks most nights from then on, guidance for mediums, etc, see Energy Darshans for more on this.

41 1/3/79 to 31/3/79 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (small paperback)
Short intro by Ma Sagarpriya.
42 1/4/79 to 30/4/79 The Shadow of the Bamboo (small paperback)
Short intro by Ma Shanti Bhadra.
43 1/5/79 to 31/5/79 Just Around the Corner (small paperback)
Introduction by Ma Prem Maneesha.
44 1/6/79 to 30/6/79 Snap Your Fingers, Slap Your Face and Wake Up! (small paperback)
Short intro by Ma Prem Sargamo.
45 1/7/79 to 31/7/79 The Rainbow Bridge (small paperback)
Introduction by Sw Anand Deepesh.
46 1/8/79 to 30/9/79 Don't Let Yourself Be Upset by the Sutra, rather Upset the Sutra Yourself (small paperback)
Short intro by Ma Yoga Rabiya.
47 1/10/79 to 30/10/79 Even Bein' Gawd Ain't a Bed of Roses Only published in Osho Books on CD-ROM.
48 1/11/79 to 31/12/79 Scriptures in Silence and Sermons in Stones **
49 1/1/80 to 31/1/80 Dance til the Stars Come Down from the Rafters
50 1/2/80 to 29/2/80 If You Choose to Be with Me, You Must Risk Finding Yourself **
51 1/3/80 to 31/3/80 Fingers Pointing to the Moon **
52 1/4/80 to 30/4/80 Eighty Four Thousand Poems
53 1/5/80 to 31/5/80 No Man Is an Island
54 1/6/80 to 30/6/80 The Imprisoned Splendor
55 1/7/80 to 31/7/80 The Golden Wind
56 1/8/80 to 31/8/80 The Miracle (2)
57 1/9/80 to 30/9/80 Just the Tip of the Iceberg
58 1/10/80 to 31/10/80 I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am
59 1/11/80 to 30/11/80 Going All the Way
60 1/12/80 to 31/12/80 Is the Grass Really Greener...?
61 1/1/81 to 31/1/81 The Old Pond ... Plop
62 2/2/81 to 28/2/81 Nirvana Now or Never
63 64 1/3/81 to 23/3/81 The Sound of One Hand Clapping Intro by Ma Prem Maitri.

Unusual feature is a list of everyone taking sannyas that "month": date, old name, new name, meaning, page number, which is needed, since all one flowing text
Extensive coverage of "The March Event", a two-day sannyasin splash in London p 339.
Pictures from Enlightenment Day and quotes on celebration p 515.
Epilogue by Ma Prem Maitri , announcing the "Silent Period" p 581.

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